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beeWelcome to my web site, I am Barb Gregory, owner and creator of Bar Bee Designs.

CollageThe patterns (purses, totes, wall hangings, and quilts) I design and create are innovative AND practical. I love paying attention to details that quilter's value--those of ease and functionality with my blend of creativity.

My passion and love of quilts prompted me to want to share my quilt designs with you. I started putting designs to patterns in 2008 when, after back surgery, I was unable to find a perfect purse for myself. I wanted pockets but organized in such a way I could find everything. The one strap Water-Bottle purse evolved. Then the Pockets-a-Plenty purse/tote two strap came next. With a grandchild on the way, the tote became a diaper bag.

A niece wanted a small purse for her so the Minis were designed. An upcoming retreat prompted me to design the Retreat Tote. The Pursette wallet is one of my personal favorites. It works great with the tote when traveling or just to take into the grocery store and be hands free.

As you can see, with every pattern I designed, there is a story behind it.